SQL Performance Management

Video – Improving SQL Server Performance by writing faster T-SQL Code- Sept 11, 2014 This webinar is now available for viewing online at any time. (About 60 Minutes)
Some of the concepts we will cover include:

Ways to find code that’s slow:

DMV’s like sys.dm_exec_procedure
SQL Profiler and …

Scripting Traces for Performance Monitoring on SQL Server The SQL Profiler is a great tool for monitoring and analyzing SQL Server Performance. I use it all the time to watch the detailed actions of a stored procedure, trigger …

SQL Storage Management

SQL Server Performace on Solid State Drives (SSD) Solid State Disks (SSDs) are devices that take advantage of the high speed nature of flash memory chips to provide fast persistent data storage

sp_storage: A proc to manage disk space in SQL Server sp_storage is a procedure that I wrote to help me manage available disk space on a SQL Server

SQL Coding Techniques

Formatting a Datetime for use in a File Name I’ve been working with scripting SQL traces over the last few weeks. To minimize the overhead of the trace, it can be sent to a file instead of the SQL …

A Readable Data Type from System Tables Columns I’ve written a new article on Indexed Views that has been www.DatabaseJournal.com As part of that article I included a UDF, udf_View_ColumnsIndexableTAB, that shows which columns in a view are eligible …

SQL Security