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Understanding and Optimizing ADO.Net 2.0's SQL

When programmers use ADO.Net 2.0 to they're choosing to have ADO.Net write the SQL that interacts with their database.  This presentation shows how to understand the SQL that ADO.Net writes and optimize the SQL for performance. 

The SQL Profiler is a key tool for gaining insight into what ADO.Net 2.0 is doing on your behalf and we'll learn how to use it and some key events that are most useful.

Inserts can be performed in various ways using ADO.Net 2.0.  We'll show everything from the slowest way: unbatched, one-by-one INSERT statements to the fastest ways: Server based and SQLBulkCopy.

One of the extreme optimizations that can be used for insert,  update, and delete operations is a switch to SQL BulkCopy operations from standard T-SQL INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE.  The difference in improvement in performance can be dramatic.  The presentation will show you how.

The download has the slides VB.Net samples, and the SQL sample file.  C# Samples are on the way for a future presentation.

  Complete Zip with VB.Net and slides as of September 29th, 2007.  Includes the trace definition and SQL file.

 Or Just the slides Understanding and Optimizing SQL.ppt

New England Visual Basic Professionals

July 5, 2007

Code Camp 8

Sept. 29, 2007



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