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Introduction to SQL Server Integration Services

Everyone who works with data ought to get to know SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) the successor to SQL Server's DTS tool  for importing and exporting data.  It's not just a reworking  of the old DTS, instead it's a complete high performance ETL (Extract Transform and Load) tool  that competes with the best of breed ETL products but comes packaged  with the SQL Server and embedded in Visual Studio.  It can be  intimidating at first but once you get to know your way around it's not  difficult and can be extremely powerful.  Topics:
  • What is SSIS and what is it good for
  • Importing Data with the Import/Export Wizard (SSIS in disguise)
  • The ETL (Enter-Test-and-Load) paradigm
  • What is BIDS (Business Intelligence Development Studio)?
  • Implementing the SSIS ControlFlow and DataFlow


Be sure to read the Readme.Txt file.  The package references specific file locations and a SQL Server Instance.  You'll have to change them to match your system.

Download the slides file: Updated 3/5/10

Download the example file:   Updated 3/5/10



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