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The Problem:   Mapping between Business Objects and a Relational Database is difficult

Creating the Business objects and stored procedures to implement a n-Tier design is a lot of work.

Solution: Here's a list of products that can help in all or part of the process.

Commercial Products

  • DeKlarit ($899)  Take a look at a presentation regarding DeKlarit on the presentations page.
  • Lockwood Tech’s ProcBlaster ($399)
  • IronSpeed Designer ($495…$3,500)
  • VBeXpress.Net ($450)
  • RapTeir (Free…$299)
  • AlachiSoft TierDeveloper ($495-$995)
  • LLBLGenPro (Free…$195)
  • ORM.Net ($495) (Looks like it's no longer supported)
  • Pragmatier Data Tier Builder ($1250)
  • Visible Developer ($599-$1500)
  • ComExpress ($500)  This is the one that I'm using now. It generates CSLA.

Open Source, Freeware, or Shareware Solutions

  • LLBGEN (there is a paid pro version)
  • Olymeyrs
  • OJB.Net (Pre-Alpha Port of a Java tool)
  • RSDN Namespace (The Code Project)
  • Mimah (Pre-Alpha)
  • DALGen.Net (Planning Stage)
  • CsharpDataTier
  • CodeSmith (Shareware) I use this for generating strongly typed collections.


You also might want to take a look at:

Book Review of Visual Basic .Net Business Objects by Rockford Lhotka for more information about CSLA

My Articles on building the Stored Procedures:

   Part I: Implementing CRUD Operations Using Stored Procedures
   Part II: Implementing CRUD Operations Using Stored Procedures


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Use dsinit to set the SQL Server instance for Windows Azure dev storage


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