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The SQL Server Transact-SQL User-Defined Function of the Week

This newsletter has been renamed.  It's now the Coding-in-SQL Newsletter.  Follow the link to the archives below for the back issues.  If you're already a subscriber, you don't have to do anything.  To become a subscriber (it's free) go to the signup page.

Each issue of the T-SQL UDF of the Week newsletter brings you a new CREATE FUNCTION script or an article related to User-Defined Functions.

Although User-Defined Functions (UDFs) have been available in other database management systems for many years, they were only added to SQL Server in SQL Server 2000.  UDFs bring to the developer and DBA unique opportunities for simplifying and reusing Transact-SQL code.

The functions create in the newsletter cover topics like:

  • Text Manipulation

  • Date and Time calculations

  • Unit System Conversions

  • Banking Calculations

  • Disk Space Management

  • Security

  • Management of Traces

  • Metadata reports

  • System UDFs

  • Name and Address Management
  • Enforcing SQL Standards
  • Undocumented System UDFs
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