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Utilities for .Net Development in VB.Net & C#

Except for the list of Commercial Visual Studio Enhancers and the build utilities listed below, these are utilities that I use.

General Visual Studio Enhancement

  • SourceSafe Binding Remover Did you ever download some code only to find that the author had left the SourceSafe information in the project.  And of course, it was pointing to their own project tree.  This utility on GotDotNet removes SourceSafe bindings from Visual Studio Projects.  Use it when you download code and before you send code to someone else.
  • SmartPaster This utility lets you "Paste As" a string constant, StringBuilder, a comment or a region.  Comes in handy especially for pasting long SQL.
  • Pinvoike.Net Remember the Visual Basic API Viewer?  This side does the same job of cataloging the C# Signature or VB.Net DECLARE statement for the Win32 API.  This is a cooperative effort and everyone is invited to contribute to this WiKi
  • RegexDesigner This is a great tool for experimenting with regular expressions.  It also does some basic code generation in VB.Net and C#.
  • FormatDesigner Experiment with formatters. 
  • CodeSmith Code generation for strongly typed collection and many other types of classes including CSLA.  Version 3 is a commercial product that costs $299.  Version 2.6 is still available for free.

ASP.Net Tools

Code Inspection

  • Reflector By Lutz Roeder.  .Net Assembly exploration and disassembly.  Given a file with IL, this program will show you the ins and outs of the assembly and will disassemble all the code and translate it into C#, VB.Net or Delphi

  • ILDASM - Part of visual studio.


  • VBCommenter PowerToy XML comments can be built into truly useful documentation but this feature is missing from VB.Net 2002 and 2003.  The VBCommen2er PowerToy adds very easy XML comments to your code.
  • NDoc This documentation tool turns XML comments into documentation in the form of Help Compiler 1 files (CHM), Visual Studio Help (HxS), or web pages. 
  • h2reg HTML Help 2 Registration Utility

Coding Standards

  • FxCop This Microsoft tool checks .Net assemblies for conformace to the Microsoft .Net Framework Design Guidelines.

Resource Tools


  • NUnit Open Source testing framework ported from JUnit.  Let's you write repeatable tests and easily run regression tests against them.

  • TestDriven.Net - Unit Testing Add-in for Visual Studio.Net

Build Management

  • NAnt Open Source build tool for .Net

  • CrusieControl.Net Continuous Integration Server.  Builds and rebuilds as code is checked in.

Windows/COM Development Tools:

  • WinSize - Show window sizes.
  • ColorSniffer - Pick a color off the screen
  • FileMon - reports on file activity down at a very detailed level
  • RegMon - Shows all registry activity at a very detailed level
  • ComExplorer - Displays all COM registration information
  • SnagIt - Screen Capture


Commercial Visual Studio Enhancers



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