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Online Resources

MSDN Nuggets Short Videos 10-30 Min

Fast Tips - Emailed links to short video tips.

Refactor!  Now a Free VB.Net 2005 Version

I'm not sure if this is the entire product but the price is right.  Download the free version of Refactor!

Trying to Decide on a Visual Studio 2005 Version?

Visual Studio 2005 Product Line Overview  What's the difference between Express, Standard, Professional, Team, etc.

Compare Visual Studio 2005 Team System Software Editions If you're converting an MSDN Universal, or buying a new VS2005 and steping up to the team version, this page shows the differences between versions.

Pricing Page is available. Don't panic yet.  Third parties sell at a discount (Although I wouldn't recommend my reseller).  The Professional Editions might be a better bet unless you're going to be using the Team Foundation Server.

Resources on the Web for VB.Net 2005:


Visual Studio.Net 2005 Automation Samples Examples of extending the Visual Studio IDE

Introducing Microsoft Visual Basic 2005 for Developers
This is a free book available for download in PDF form

Visual Basic 2005 for Developers

101 Visual Basic and C# samples

There are free online courses in Visual Studio 2005

Self Assessment in Visual Studio Skills

Visual Studio Fast Tips

Weekly emails that sent you to Visual Studio Information including Video's


General .Net Resources

Channel 9 - Community site for .Net Developers


Microsoft Employees (Current and Former) who Blog.

They discuss all sorts of topics but many are relevant to what we do.






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New Tips:

Use dsinit to set the SQL Server instance for Windows Azure dev storage


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